Our approach to client work



The start of something great

Through the Convincify discovery process, we learn and align on key business goals and KPIs. We couple this information with established customer insights and relevant information that will be beneficial to the team understanding the business and industry.

We also conduct competitive research to continue learning about the industry and inform a custom-crafted optimization roadmap. Lastly, we conduct an analytics audit to verify accurate measurement is occurring. Based on the results, we provide fixes and additions to data collection to ensure a solid foundation for optimization success.


Develop a long-term testing plan

Our strategy includes a deep dive on your analytics, relevant insights into what competitors are doing, and our proposed recommendations for testing. The strategy we develop goes beyond a simple list of test recommendations. We build a roadmap of prioritized tests which offer the best potential for impactful results and insights into customer behavior.




Continued testing and optimization

Testing is a never-ending cycle. We use roadmaps to prioritize where the greatest opportunity for testing lies. But after we end each test, we analyze the results, and adjust the course. Testing is a continual and constantly changing process.

What the day-to-day looks like
when working with us

slack Online Collaboration

Online project management tools like Trello are the most efficient way to manage projects and keep everyone on the same page. They allow us to easily share wireframes, designs, and other documentation as necessary in a centralized location.

Phone Call Weekly status calls

We do a regular weekly touch-base on all ongoing projects and discuss new/upcoming items via screen sharing conferences. For maximum efficiency, we include direct experts from our end to offer commentary on these calls for relevant agenda items (e.g. analytics experts on calls where data items are covered).

Manager Work with One Project Manager

Clients get direct access with a single project manager to ensure the relationship is a well-oiled machine. What sets us apart is lower client volume and high retention, meaning your project lead will always be in the know and reliable. No musical chairs of account managers here.


Have questions? We have answers

Generally speaking it doesn’t matter which CMS you’re using. Testing platforms work by changing the website after it’s been generated by the CMS, so this isn’t usually an issue.

Then we can help you too. Our services aren’t all or nothing. We tailor the offering for every client and that can change on a monthly as needed basis as well.

No, we can and do use most of the major testing platforms daily. It doesn’t matter which platform you use, we can help. And we won’t push you to switch platforms because of our preferences.

Ready to work with us?

We're always looking to partner with companies that recognize the importance of testing and optimization.