Analytics Learning Center

Learn everything about website analytics from the technical part of how analytics software collects user information all the way to how to read and interpret complex reports.


Introduction to Analytics

Learn the basics of what analytics means and how it can improve your business.

How Analytics Programs Work

The basics of how analytics programs work is a key part of being successful with using analytics.

Defining Analytics Goals

Find out what some common types of goals to track with analytics programs are.

Attribution Models

Learn why it's important to understand attribution models and how to select the right one for your business.


Custom Reports (coming soon)

Custom reports allow you to reliably and easily get to the data you need. Learn how to set them up and how they can be used as part of your regular business reporting.

Segments (coming soon)

Learn how to use segments to slice the data in your analytics program and provide insight into how certain subsets of your customer interact with your website.

Filters (coming soon)

Learn how filters work and why you need them to ensure your analytics data is clean.

Funnels (coming soon)

Learn how to setup funnels and why they are key part of understanding user behavior.

Sampling (coming soon)

Learn what sampling is and how it can influence analytics reporting.


Using APIs (coming soon)

Learn what an API is and how it might take your analytics program to the next level.

Custom Profiles and Dashboards (coming soon)

Find out how custom reporting profiles and dashboards can make it easy to share custom analytics information with various product managers and others in your business.