Testing Learning Center

Learn everything you'll ever need to know about testing and conversion rate optimization. From the basics of what A/B testing is all the way to how to build an effective testing team inside a Fortune 100 company, you can learn it all here.


Introduction to Testing

Learn the basics of testing like what A/B testing is, how it works, and examples of testing to increase conversions.

Finding and Defining What to Test

How to find the areas of your website or marketing program to test and which metrics to use to define a successful test.

Test Types and Methods

Learn the basics of the three primary test types and when to use them.

Introduction to Test Result Validation

Validating test results can seem daunting, but learning the basics can go a long way.

Sharing Test Results

After running a test you'll need to know how to communicate your results to key stakeholders and others in your organization.


Statistical Significance (coming soon)

An in-depth look at what statistical significance actually means and why it's important for testing.

Sample Sizes (coming soon)

Everyone talks about statisical significance in testing, but not many consider how important sample sizes are to valid test results.


Building a Testing Team (coming soon)

Learn what it takes to build an effective testing team in any organization.

Testing Program Strategy (coming soon)

Find out how to build an effective testing strategy that aligns with larger business goals.